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Recoloring Tips for all Types of Hair Dye

Sunday, July 01, 2012
Hair Colors Sample
Successfully recoloring your dyed hair depends on a number of things, including the type of hair color product you first used, the health of your hair, and how long ago you dyed it. Of course, there are quite a few other factors you should consider before choosing to undergo a second dyeing. This being said, here are some tips and guidelines that will improve your chances of successful recoloring at home.

Current Health of Hair
When you’re looking into recoloring your hair, you should make sure that your hair is going to be strong enough to handle having more chemicals added to it. After all, the last thing you want to do is wreck the health of your hair by recoloring it too soon. If you’ve gone to a salon for professional coloring, you can revisit the same salon and ask them to perform a recolor two weeks after the initial job.

Assuming that you’ve done your own color at home, wait two weeks between performing another dyeing; if your hair is breaking off easily, dry and/or has an increased amount of split ends, do not perform a recolor. Instead of recoloring, opt to use a hot oil treatment, or quality deep conditioner to help repair the damage first.

Timeline for Recoloring
If you’ve picked a hair color that looks completely unattractive on you, or you simply want a different look, there are a couple of options to choose from. Assuming you used semi or demi-permanent hair dye, you should first shampoo a few times to see if your color fades to a lighter, more appealing shade.

If this doesn’t work, you should wait two weeks before attempting to fix the bad dye job. The reason why is because choosing to re-dye your hair too soon after an initial color treatment risks further damage to the hair follicles - leaving your strands severely dry and brittle. A couple of other things to worry about with hasty recolorings include purchasing the wrong color for your hair, and your hair absorbing too much or too little color due to the condition it’s in.

The at-home hair dyeing systems suggest waiting four-to-six weeks between any big changes to your hair; this rule also includes perms and highlights. The four-to-six weeks between coloring or other chemical treatments is the amount of time that roots typically need to grow back out. You don’t want to use too many chemical treatments on your hair in a short amount of time because it can cause major damage to your hair.

Semi-Permanent Product
You can recolor hair after 6-to-12 washes when you use a semi-permanent hair dye. To help the color last even longer than 6-to-12 washes, use products designed for color-treated hair. But please use caution when recoloring your hair before the color has washed/faded out since this can put your hair’s health at risk.

Demi-Permanent Product
If you’ve used demi-permanent dye to color your hair, you need to hold out on recoloring your hair for 2 or 3 weeks to protect its health. If you’re experimenting with new hair colors, using a semi or demi-permanent hair color is the best option; once you’ve found a color you’d like to keep, begin using a permanent hair dye for longer-lasting color.

Permanent Product
The reason permanent hair dye won’t wash out or fade is because the chemicals used are able to penetrate the outer layer of the hair shaft. Once the hair has been penetrated, the natural pigments dissolve, which allows them to be replaced with pigments in the color solution. For better or for worse, this process permanently changes the color of hair strands.

If you’ve found a color that you like, and want to continue using the product, a permanent hair color is the best way to go because it won’t wash out of your hair. Permanent hair color allows you to go 4-to-6 weeks without coloring your hair again. And the nice thing is that you’ll know when you need a recolor as soon as the roots begin to grow in.

If you choose to recolor your hair before the end of the four-to-six week waiting period, you will have to use deep conditioning treatments to replenish the moisture taken away by the chemicals in the hair dye or chemical treatment. Deep conditioning products aren’t always the solution for keeping hair healthy after multiple color treatments, so be cautious not to over-process your hair.

Root Touch-Up
If you’ve colored your hair with permanent color, you’ll have growth showing in your roots. And this means that you’ll want to perform a root touch-up in between hair colorings.

But remember, don’t use anything other than products designed for root touch-ups since the root touch-up products only affect the surface of hair strands. Instead, try using root touch-up pens like the one made by Oscar Blandi called Pronto Colore Root Touch Up & Highlight Pen. It comes in a variety of shades, and is easy to use. Other options for root touch-ups include the following: Clairol Root Touch-Up, TouchBack (in a variety of shades) or L’OREAL Feira Excellence to-go.

Basic Information
If you’ve found a home hair coloring product that you enjoy using and offers good results, continue using this product according to the directions, and also keep your hair’s health in mind. It’s easy to damage your hair, but it isn’t easy to repair the damage.

Along with this thought, some hair dyes are harsher than others, and you might go months before noticing hair damage. To keep from exposing your hair and skin to harsh chemicals too often, wait as long as possible between recoloring your hair.

Don’t continue using products that cause skin burning, rashes, or other forms of allergic reactions from ingredients in the hair dye. As long as you keep all of the aforementioned advice in mind, you should be safe to start recoloring your hair.

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